The Kevala Assessor Platform provides accurate, unbiased, and actionable insights into grid infrastructure, enabling better and faster decision-making and helping to ensure the most sustainable, efficient, and equitable energy transition possible.

Network Assessor

The Network Assessor enables investment decision-making and distributed energy resource planning for utilities, regulators, and DER program administrators.

  • Dynamically analyze the impact of DER adoption, from the bulk power level to individual buildings

  • Run advanced DER analytics using your own confidential datasets

  • Quantify the avoidance of distribution upgrade costs from solar, storage, and electric vehicles

Grid Assessor

The Grid Assessor empowers solar and storage developers to search, filter, and find ideal locations for new grid-connected projects.

  • Save weeks of time, site control fees, and land consultant expenses by screening sites from your desktop

  • Reduce development costs by up to 30% with better-qualified projects and less overhead

  • Learn about new states and utility service area infrastructure before others, without ramping up expenses

EV Assessor

The EV Assessor helps automakers and OEMs optimize electric vehicle charging infrastructure, inform rate design, and evaluate impact.

  • Conduct circuit-specific analysis for large-scale EV infrastructure investments across multiple locations

  • Minimize wholesale and retail costs for chargers and fleets by evaluating multiple locations and charging opportunities

  • Evaluate parcel-specific opportunities for optimizing demand charges and enhancing grid services