Grid Assessor: Location Matters.

Search, filter, and find ideal project locations for grid-connected solar and storage.

Reduce Origination Costs:

Save weeks of time, site control fees, and land consultant expenses by screening sites from your desktop.

Increase conversion rates:

Reduce development costs by up to 30% with better-qualified projects and less overhead.

Accelerate market entry:

Learn about new states and utility service area infrastructure before others, without ramping up expenses.

Kevala’s Grid Assessor Gives Developers The Tools To Find Parcels Faster Across The US:

  • Transmission and substations
  • 26 states with 3-phase distribution feeders
  • Parcel information (shape, acreage, ownership, & wetlands)
  • Wholesale energy prices
  • Utility Service Areas
  • Zip codes and Census tracts


Contact us for the most up-to-date information on when new states will become available at