Network Assessor: Data and analytics for the connected grid.

The Network Assessor platform enables investment decision making and distributed energy resource planning for utilities, regulators, and DER program administrators.

Access greater visibility into the grid edge:

Dynamically analyze the impact of DER adoption, from the bulk power level to individual buildings.

Securely access your proprietary data:

Run advanced DER analytics using your own confidential datasets

Make investment decisions with greater certainty:

Quantify the avoidance of distribution upgrade costs from solar, storage, and electric vehicles.

Module Based Granular Insight into the Distribution System:

  • Predictive hourly building load, aggregated to connected distribution infrastructure
  • Location specific DER hourly generation shapes
  • Scenario analysis for DER program design and adoption
  • Location-specific energy value and grid benefits
  • Advanced capacity analysis
  • Customer bill and electricity rates analysis
  • Storage sizing and adoption modeling, both in front of the meter and behind the meter