Grid Assessor

Lower the cost of originating distributed energy resources with Kevala’s comprehensive database of searchable local electrical distribution infrastructure and grid mapping software.

Quickly find the best project locations

Instantly identify ideal project locations by searching distribution substation characteristics like voltage and utility service area before exploring nearby parcels connected to primary feeders.

Assess existing sites

Have an interesting site? Put the projectlocation into Grid Assessor and see nearby grid infrastructure to determine the potential costs of interconnection and alternative options for your project.

Explore new markets

Rapidly enter new markets to qualify unknown utility territories and create a list of locations for new projects without ever leaving the office.

Impact Assessor

The impact of clean energy is substantial but can be hard to see. Kevala makes it tangible by building compelling visuals of social, environmental, and economic outcomes of campaigns, policies, or programs that can be shared with key stakeholder groups to generate widespread support.

Measure impact

Kevala’s Impact Assessor tracks and quantifies the benefits of energy policies and investments on the local level so you can show where projects are located and how much they are helping the community

Engage constituents

Inspire your members and potential participants by showing them who else in their community is supporting clean energy projects.

Improve program design

Assess who is participating in your program and target your outreach and guidelines to drive more participation.