Our Approach

The future of energy is data.

Having remote access to that data wherever and whenever is now a business requirement. Kevala’s mission is to identify areas of opportunity and high cost by providing details through applications and professional services on evolving grid infrastructure, load, market prices, behavior, and environmental data.


From building new solar farms and EV charging stations to repairing and retrofitting existing infrastructure, we help optimize energy resources and build toward a more resilient grid.

Carbon Accounting

Our platform can map the carbon intensity of energy resources down to the per-electron level for any individual building, empowering clients to understand and take actionable steps to lower their carbon consumption.


Leveraging our nationwide map of the built electrical environment, we predict and assess vulnerabilities in critical public infrastructure, helping to keep our grid safe from cyberattacks.

Partners & Customers

We work with stakeholders across the energy sector – from utilities and regulators to renewable energy producers and electric vehicle manufacturers.